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Erwin Blumenfeld

Broken Mirror

Broken Mirror

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Erwin Blumenfeld-German

Title: Broken Mirror, 1940
Size: 11.75 x 8.75 in. Edition 20/50. 

Dye transfer print.


Erwin Blumenfeld was a German-born American photographer and artist who is best known for his innovative and avant-garde fashion photography, as well as his surrealist photomontages. "Broken Mirror", one of his most famous works was created in 1947.

"Broken Mirror" features a shattered mirror with a woman's face reflected in the fragments. The shards of glass are arranged in a chaotic pattern, creating a sense of fragmentation and disorientation. The woman's face appears distorted and fragmented, echoing the shattered glass.

Courtesy of The Nicholls’ collection 

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