Conceptually, “Passage” is a masterful evolution of the artist’s lifelong quest for peace and reconciliation with his dark histories. It serves as a vehicle for him to navigate the tumultuous waters of his youth, using rationale to exorcise the ghosts of his traumatic experiences. This desire for reconciliation is rooted in a deeply troubling relationship with his father, which catalyzed a lifetime of trauma from a very young age and ultimately kindled Bryan’s passion for poetry to further understand his reality.

Among the most striking features of this exhibition is the prominent use of charcoal powder in many works. Charcoal takes on the role of a ritualistic peace offering and a heartfelt tribute to his late father. The artist’s father, whose cremation was initiated as an act of vengeance, is hauntingly featured in the painting titled “I just need 2 cups of rice now.” The medium of charcoal powder not only adds a rich texture and visual depth to the artworks but also serves as a conduit to the artist’s past, achieved through finger painting and the portrayal of blurred images that seamlessly merge into dreamlike states.