Nicolas Blanchett


Nicolas Blanchet is a multidisciplinary artist, whose creative vision has been shaped by his extensive experience in the worlds of photography, makeup, and hair artistry. Born and raised in Montreal, Blanchet initially pursued his studies in photography before transitioning to a successful career in makeup and hair artistry. However, his passion for photography remained ever-present, and he eventually returned to his roots in visual art.

Blanchet's photographic work is characterized by a pure and clean aesthetic, which reflects his keen eye for composition and detail. Drawing on his background in the fashion and beauty industry, Blanchet infuses his images with a unique sensibility that combines edginess and emotion with a softness and elegance that is all his own.

What sets Blanchet apart as an artist is his ability to capture the essence of his subjects in a way that is both beautiful and meaningful. His compositions are at once striking and thought-provoking, evoking a range of emotions that linger long after the viewer has left the gallery.

Blanchet's work is a testament to the power of art to transform and inspire, and his ability to blend academic precision with artistic expression makes him one of the most exciting new talents in the world of contemporary photography.



"Nicolas’ pictures come straight from his dreams, the kind of dreams where all the sounds are muffled, and the emotions contained.  The shapes are pulled and stretched and all the details scraped away by light.  The beauty of the images is blinding and their mystery inevitably pulls you into a wonderful world inhabited by ghosts, twisted memories and fashionable monsters."

"Nicolas plays in Wonderland and his invitation to join him is irrestible."