Nico Krijno


Nico Krijno is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work defies easy categorization. With a background in theatre and experimental video, Krijno brings a unique perspective to his photographic practice, exploring the boundaries between photography, collage, painting, sculpture, and performance. His work is characterized by a playful and experimental approach that challenges the viewer's expectations and perceptions of the medium.

Krijno's work materializes through a stream of unique and colorful abstractions, each piece acting as an autonomous work of art. Yet when seen as a collection, Krijno's constant intrigue and obsession with the perception of photographs becomes evident. His work pushes the limits of what photography can be, blurring the boundaries between the real and the imagined, the tangible and the abstract, and the physical and the digital.

Through his art, Krijno probes the thresholds of each medium he works with, using his mastery of various techniques to create works that are both visually stunning and intellectually engaging. His work is characterized by a sense of playfulness and a willingness to take risks, making him one of the most exciting artists working today. Whether he is creating a collage, a sculpture, or a photograph, Krijno's work is always surprising and thought-provoking, challenging us to see the world in new and unexpected ways.




“From staged photography to collage and video wrks, the densely-textured images that Krijno conceives are invariably hard to pin down. Synthetic, layered, digitally manipulated, painterly, puzzling, enthralling; each one is unfixed and seemingly infinite, with a number of focal points to absorb simultaneously.  In the act of looking, the familiar traces- those things we recognise- are displaced and buried under elements we don’.  All the while, we rarely look away, succumbing instead to the works’ many mysteries.”