Mary Chen


Mary Chen is a talented director and photographer with a unique perspective based between Montreal and Toronto. Her studies in arts and design have given her a deep understanding of the power of visual language, which she uses to create compelling works of art that often reflect upon Asian culture within a Western context. Through her practice, she unites techniques of cinematography, fashion, and performance art to create thought-provoking pieces that challenge our assumptions about identity and culture.

Since 2017, Chen's work has been published in numerous digital and print publications around the world, including The Body Issue founded by NGO (DE), Metal Magazine (ES), Milk (US), Far-Near Media (US), Nasty Magazine (IT), Maps World (KR), PUSS PUSS (UK), and Contributor Magazine (EU). Her work has received critical acclaim and recognition, including being named one of the up-and-rising photographers to look out for by PUSS PUSS in 2021, and being a finalist for The Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Award in 2020. In addition, Chen's work 'Melon Eating People' was displayed in Aperture Gallery in Manhattan, New York, showcasing her innovative and boundary-pushing style.

Chen holds a BFA in Design from OCAD University in Toronto, which has provided her with a strong foundation in design principles and techniques that she uses to push the boundaries of traditional photography and filmmaking. Her unique approach to combining various mediums has resulted in works of art that are both beautiful and thought-provoking, challenging our perceptions of identity and culture in today's globalized world.





"These photographs were inspired by Eric Leong’s personal story as an individual subjected to societal and cultural ideologies which led to internalized acts of self-restraint around the topics of sensuality and sexual expression. The images are representations of an embracement of one’s identity and pleasure."