Malina Corpadean


Malina Corpadean is a Romanian-born, Canadian-raised photographer and creative director with a background in Art History and Photography. After studying at McGill University and Dawson College in Montreal, she was signed to the renowned photography representation agency, Planet Claire, which propelled her career in fashion photography and creative directing.

Corpadean's ability to balance commercial work with personal experimentation is a testament to her versatility and creativity. She has worked with some of Canada's leading brands and agencies while continuing to pursue her passion for artistic expression. Her recent interest in collage has led her on a new journey as an artist, complementing her commercial career.

As a photographer, Corpadean is known for her ability to capture natural beauty in her subjects and evoke a sense of intimacy and emotion in her work. Her artistry extends beyond the camera, as she combines her knowledge of composition and visual storytelling with her passion for fashion and design to create dynamic and visually stunning images.




"Unlike many collage artists, Malina only uses her own photography, either taking images with a specific project in mind or re-purposing her old fashion images.  The process of deconstructing and reconstructing images is something that has been providing a new source of inspiration and motivation in her work of late.


With this collage series, Malina is exploring a classic theme in art, the female body, an important source of inspiration for artists through the history of art.  

The pictures used in these works were taken specifically for this project.  Unusual positions and crops are used to explore the abstract qualities of the nude female body.  Fall vegetables, such as pumpkins, squash and aubergines are used as props, alluding to a woman’s ability like mother nature, to give birth, the fruits of her loin.

The bounty of the earth is a gorgeous physical display against the bare skin of the body creating an almost abstract composition.

This is without a doubt the result of a woman’s gaze onto another woman’s body, a unique perspective,  expanding on the existing narrative of the female nude and challenging the female traditional gender roles and stereotypes."