Djeneba Aduayom


Djeneba Aduayom is a photographer who combines movement, performance and personal exploration in her work. With a multidisciplinary background and extensive travels, her photography is marked by a sense of dreamy surrealism and a deep appreciation for the complexity of human experience. Aduayom's work reflects the commonalities that unite us, as well as the striking and complementary dualities that exist within us. Her ability to speak multiple visual languages, both literally and metaphorically, informs her creative process and inspires her output.

Despite the dreamy aesthetic of her work, Aduayom's focus is always on capturing the layers of emotions contained within her subjects and their relationship with the environment around them. She believes that the human experience is more universal and unifying than individual and divisive. Her portfolio includes portraiture and editorial work, which have been featured in fashion and lifestyle magazines.

As a self-taught photographer, Aduayom is constantly pushing her own boundaries and exploring new ways of expressing herself visually. Her photography is a testament to the power of personal exploration and the importance of embracing one's unique perspective. By capturing the emotions and relationships that connect us all, Aduayom's work reminds us of the beauty and complexity of the human experience.



"The "Lifeline" series is for me a process of exploration, transformation, and distortion just like life is a process. The constant flow of emotions that I feel inside with the way anything seems to affect my nervous system in a major way whether I like it or not. I found the way of dealing with it is by creating using a wide variety of media. I tend to be happier when not asked to do only one thing or use one medium to express myself. My process is and always has been intuitive and very connected to my senses. I feel before I create anything, so the pieces I create all come from a different feeling and I use whatever technic comes to mind as the direct inspiration for that feeling. The more general process is that I have so many emotions I find hard to handle or that overwhelm my senses that I have an urge or immediate need to express it organically through art. The inspiration just comes from that direction in whatever shape or form it comes in. Ultimately it will end up as an image that is coherent with the other images from that series because it is a language I just develop as I explore the many facets of my inner transformation and changes in dealing with my emotions through a mix of literal and abstraction which tend to be my emotional language form.

It is literally my lifeline!!!"